The Nike Air Mag

Back 4 The Future

Working in total secrecy for 2 months, we helped PeetKegler and Nike PR flesh out the launch of the 2011 Nike Mag with 6 videos to support the eBay auctions of these legendary shoes.  The proceeds from the project generated millions of dollars for the Michael J. Fox foundation and helped raise Parkinson’s Disease awareness, but you know what the coolest part was?  Getting to photograph the original Air Mag’s from 1988 and seeing the inside of the production facility!

Also, amazing side note… the beauty shoe reveal that auto plays on this page isn’t computer generated, it’s an incredible piece of motion control photography shot by the fashion photographer Mario Godlewski.  And the colored lights?  The swoosh at the head and tail?  Yep, also real – done with a blur of motion control lights… pretty cool eh?

  1. Nike Mag Tease 2 TRT: 0:28
  2. Nike Mag Tease 1 TRT: 0:12
  3. Marty's Closet TRT: 0:52
  4. The McFly Jacket TRT: 1:03
  5. Nike Air Mag Design Details TRT: 1:11
  6. The Nike Air Mag Full Story TRT: 4:36