Launch Energy

In November Central Planning returned to Florida for NASA’s 3rd Launch Forum, this time focusing on the challenges of providing Energy to our growing world.  It was amazing to spend time with some of the world’s best minds working on one of the biggest problems facing our planet, take a moment to check out their innovations.

  1. Point Source Power TRT: 03:04
  2. Turbococina TRT: 02:28
  3. Thermo Fluidics TRT: 02:57
  4. Solanterns TRT: 02:41
  5. Promethian Power Systems TRT: 02:51
  6. PowerZoa TRT: 01:50
  7. NanoTune TRT: 02:24
  8. ITN Power Systems TRT: 02:31
  9. Hydrovolts TRT: 02:46
  10. Gram Power TRT: 02:36


Exec. Producer: R. Michael Lovelady

Director: Todd S. Carlson

DP: Tyson Wisbrock

Editor: Chris Jones