Launch: Beyond Waste

NASA, USAID, Nike Inc. and the U.S. State Department

LAUNCH: Beyond Waste is the 4th initiative in a series of forums designed to identify, showcase and support innovative approaches to sustainability challenges.

During this forum, nine international participants showcased their new innovations to address waste management problems.

After participating in the first 3 forums: Water, Heath, and Energy – we worried that  ‘Beyond Waste’ was perhaps not the sexiest of Sustainability topics.  However, after researching and interviewing the participants, we once again were blown away by the great work that these fine innovators are doing.  Check out the overview videos that we created.

  1. Re: Char TRT: 2:51
  2. Sanergy TRT: 2:57
  3. Kiverdi TRT: 2:21
  4. Recyclematch TRT: 2:21
  5. Goonj TRT: 2:25
  6. Attero Recycling TRT: 2:25
  7. SEAB Energy TRT: 2:34
  8. Pylantis TRT: 2:23
  9. Sirum TRT: 2:40


Exec. Producer: R. Michael Lovelady

Director: Todd Carlson

Producer: Mike Lay

DP: Tyson Wisbrock

Editor: Chris Jones