Case Study – Nike Training Club

Central Planning produced over 200 drill videos for the Nike Training Club, Nike’s online and iPhone application. Featuring Nike Master Trainers and pro athletes such as Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova; and filmed in Portland, New York, Amsterdam, London, and Stockholm – these projects have allowed us to master the art of affordable high quality multicam production.

  1. NTC 2010 Intro TRT: 00:52
  2. CORE: Circle Lunge Ball Pass TRT: 01:18
  3. CARDIO: Knee Kick Side TRT: 00:35
  4. CARDIO: Backwards Quick Run TRT: 00:46
  5. CORE: Pass-thru Figure Eight TRT: 00:45
  6. CARDIO: Russian Dance TRT: 00:36
  7. CARDIO: Salutation with Sun Warrior TRT: 02:50
  8. STRENGTH: Superman Pushup TRT: 00:38
  9. CORE: Triple Pass Lunge TRT: 00:39
  10. CARDIO: Quick Feet Burpee TRT: 00:38