Netflix Brazil

Broadcast TV Spots

With a population of almost 200 million people, Brazil is a huge opportunity for Netflix. To help them crack this market, Central Planning travelled to Sao Paulo for a series of customer testimonial tv spots broadcast throughout Brazil. Central Planning navigated Brazil’s complex union, visa, and tariff rules, and managed Brazilian production vendors via a Co-Production Agreement- thereby qualifying the spots under Brazil’s local production rules.  By designing a real-time multi-lingual shoot and edit workflow, Central Planning allowed the English-speaking clients to stay as involved in the casting, filming, and editing of the Portuguese interviews as they had been when filming the previous spots in english-speaking countries. By capturing the passion and excitement of real Brazilian Netflix subscribers, we hope that Netflix subscriptions in Brazil soon become as ubiquitous as they are in the US.

  1. All Ages and Tastes TRT: 1:00
  2. All Ages and Tastes (English Subtitled) TRT: 1:00
  3. Videostore No More TRT: 0:30
  4. Videostore No More (English Subtitled) TRT: 0:30
  5. Choice TRT: 0:30
  6. Choice (English Subtitled) TRT: 0:30
  7. For Me, It's Netflix TRT: 1:00
  8. For Me, It's Netflix (English Subtitled) TRT: 1:00
  9. More Movies, More Series TRT: 1:00
  10. More Movies, More Series (English Subtitled) TRT: 1:00
  11. Movies to my Mood TRT: 1:00
  12. Movies to my Mood (English Subtitled) TRT: 1:00
  13. Nothing to Lose TRT: 0:30
  14. Nothing to Lose (English Subtitled) TRT: 0:30


Executive Producer: R. Michael Lovelady

Producer: Todd Carlson

Co-Director: Jack Barrett

Co-Director: Marcel Mallio

DP: Todd McClelland

Editor: Gustavo Giani

Brazilian Production: Film Planet