Production Space & Equipment


Suite 106 is a stand alone Production Space isolated from Central Planning’s main office, but still covered by our alarm system, which enables secure production storage throughout the course of a project.  It includes 4 desks, a speakerphone, color laser printer / copier, fax, sheet-fed scanner and 2 parking spaces.



(1) Sony F3 with SLOG 444 Unlock. Sony 35, 55 and 85mm T2 PL Mount Prime Lenses + R3D Pro 18 – 85 T2.8 PL Mount Zoom Lens.  Riser, Rods, Baseplate, Handles, Shoulder Mount, Gold Mount, etc…  AB Dionic HC Batteries x 5.

(1) Canon 7D DSLR Camera w/ Canon EFS-IS17-55 F2.8, Sachler DV4SB Fluid Head, Sticks, and Marantz PMD 661 portable field audio recorder w/ (1) 32 gig CF Card and (2) 8 gig CF Cards.

(2) GO-PRO KITS includes (1) GO PRO HD Motorsports Hero 1080p wearable/mountable camera w/ grab-bag of mounting devices,Sony GVH-D700 Clamshell HDV Monitor, and (2) 8GB SD Cards



(1) Panasonic 25.5″ BT-LH2550 HD Studio Monitor & Stand

(1) Panasonic 17” BT-LH1760 HD Field Monitor & Stand

(1) Panasonic 9″ BT-LH910 HD Camera Top Monitor

(2) Small HD DP6 Camera Top Monitors

(1) Marshall 6.5” HDSDI / HDMI Camera Top Monitors w/ hotshoe mounts

(1) Sound Devices PIX 240 HD Field Recorder (ProRes & DNx)

(2) KinoFlo Diva 400 lights with stands, flosiers & shipping case

(2) KinoFlo Diva 200 lights with stands, flosiers & shipping case

(2) Arri 1k Open Face lights with stands, doors and shipping case.

(2) Arri 650 Frensnels with stands, doors and shipping case.

(1) Chimera with Speed Ring



We also have microphones, digital audio recorders, backdrops, stands and other gear.  Let us know what you need.