The development and design of the XBOX ONE was a massive project.  Every aspect of the new system from the weight and feel of it’s physical elements, the flow and usability of the user interface, and the technology it contained – was vetted, considered, refined and optimized.  Since much of this is invisible to the end consumer, Microsoft asked us to help document the process in order to give XBOX ONE owners a glimpse of how this amazing system was built.

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XBOX 16:9 Design Project

From the beginning, the relationship between the industrial design elements and the user interface design elements of the XBOX ONE was very important to Microsoft.  The 16:9 animation project showcases how these two critical pieces came together, making the XBOX ONE system a cohesive whole.

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Wiley X Sunglasses

What better place than central Florida for a quick pre-Thanksgiving shoot!  We filmed two “Wiley X” Sunglasses spots in collaboration with Transport and Sasquatch that included aquatic jib-arms, high speed footage of a rifle shot, and a trained cinema-bass… yes, I just said trained cinema-bass.

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We think Microsoft Hardware’s commitment to bringing style to your desktop is pretty great, and we’re even happier that they let us be a part of the process.  The latest refresh allowed us to work with Calvin HO, Yellena James, Matt Lyon, Dana McClure and Zansky.



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Netflix Brazil

With a population of almost 200 million people, Brazil is a huge opportunity for Netflix. To help them crack this market, Central Planning travelled to Sao Paulo for a series of customer testimonial tv spots broadcast throughout Brazil. Central Planning navigated Brazil’s complex union, visa, and tariff rules, and managed Brazilian production vendors via a Co-Production Agreement- thereby qualifying the spots under Brazil’s local production rules.  By designing a real-time multi-lingual shoot and edit workflow, Central Planning allowed the English-speaking clients to stay as involved in the casting, filming, and editing of the Portuguese interviews as they had been when filming the previous spots in english-speaking countries. By capturing the passion and excitement of real Brazilian Netflix subscribers, we hope that Netflix subscriptions in Brazil soon become as ubiquitous as they are in the US.

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Launch: Beyond Waste

LAUNCH: Beyond Waste is the 4th initiative in a series of forums designed to identify, showcase and support innovative approaches to sustainability challenges.

During this forum, nine international participants showcased their new innovations to address waste management problems.

After participating in the first 3 forums: Water, Heath, and Energy – we worried that  ‘Beyond Waste’ was perhaps not the sexiest of Sustainability topics.  However, after researching and interviewing the participants, we once again were blown away by the great work that these fine innovators are doing.  Check out the overview videos that we created.

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Nike Air Alliance

It’s not every day that we’re asked to create an animated team of Superheroes from thin air.  So, when our friends at Peet Kegler called for an elite lineup of Nike athletes to defend the world from evil-doer Dr. Deflation, we assembled an ass-kicking super team of our own.

Helmed by director Manny Bernardez, and featuring illustrations from the 123Klan and music from the legendary RJD2, this campaign includes a :30 second broadcast tv spot as well as a short film for Footlocker’s website.  Enjoy.

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Innovation ’12

HP makes LOTS of great products, and we we’re psyched to team up with our friends over at Transport for this overview of HP’s 2012 line up.  4 shoot days of shooting and 17 scripts later… Viola!

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Nike Plus Fuel Band

The Nike Fuel band is an amazing and intuitive piece of technology, however what’s going on inside isn’t quite as simple.  Nike approached us in November to create a mini documentary and explain the process behind it’s development, as well as to delve into what’s actually going on underneath that matte black surface.

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John Wall Breakout

We we’re lucky to be able to film John Wall in DC during the NBA lock out and surprised, pleased, and tripped out by our collaboration with Director James Blagden (of Doc Ellis Fame).  Enjoy!

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Tales From The Kitchen

Nike has been inventing game-changing products for close to 50 years. The nucleus of this innovation is a super-secret lab at Nike World Headquarters called The Innovation Kitchen.

The challenge with these projects is to explain a new technology in a way that was both entertaining and educational….to question what a ‘new product video’ could be, and to engage the audience in a way that an interview with a product designer cannot.

Doubleday & Cartwright figured “what better way to do that than with a CARTOON!”  And so, Tales from The Kitchen was born.  Be on the lookout for more episodes!

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Launch Energy

In November Central Planning returned to Florida for NASA’s 3rd Launch Forum, this time focusing on the challenges of providing Energy to our growing world.  It was amazing to spend time with some of the world’s best minds working on one of the biggest problems facing our planet, take a moment to check out their innovations.

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The Nike Air Mag

Working in total secrecy for 2 months, we helped PeetKegler and Nike PR flesh out the launch of the 2011 Nike Mag with 6 videos to support the eBay auctions of these legendary shoes.  The proceeds from the project generated millions of dollars for the Michael J. Fox foundation and helped raise Parkinson’s Disease awareness, but you know what the coolest part was?  Getting to photograph the original Air Mag’s from 1988 and seeing the inside of the production facility!

Also, amazing side note… the beauty shoe reveal that auto plays on this page isn’t computer generated, it’s an incredible piece of motion control photography shot by the fashion photographer Mario Godlewski.  And the colored lights?  The swoosh at the head and tail?  Yep, also real – done with a blur of motion control lights… pretty cool eh?

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Done in conjunction with the Campbell Mithun out of Minneapolis, these info-graphic pieces answer the age old question of… “What’s there to eat?”.  Answer, good old American style breakfast sandwiches!

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Box Tops for Education

Want to help your kid’s school?  Let us show you how with Box Tops!  This series of regional spots done for Campbell Mithun (which included versions for ACME, AWG, Food Lion, and Kroger) shows parents how to help their children’s schools by purchasing items they already use.

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Get Fresh Air

What happens when you put Chris Bosh, Ken Griffey, DeShawn Jackson and Amare Stoudemire on a huge greenscreen stage in Miami – then add music from the Cool Kids and original artwork from Grotesk? Something good… *Directors Cut.

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HP How To Part 2

In the continuing quest to explain the myriad of features HP packs into their notebooks, our friends at Transport asked us to create a science lab right out of 1965.  Take a peek and see if you can find the homage to Spinal Tap!

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Fame Reel

While we’d love you to spend hours browsing through our archives, we also know quicker is often better.  So, we put this reel together as a shortcut to highlight the stars who we’ve worked with in the past.  Enjoy.

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HP How To

Remember science class?  Remember 16mm film projectors? Remember acting so bad it was fun to watch?  Take a peek at what HP has in store for the future though the lens of 3 great retro 60’s educational films we did with our friends at Transport.

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Microsoft Touch Mouse

We had the good fortune to team up with our friends over at Microsoft Hardware again to commission an artist edition of their high end Touch Mouse from New York designer Deanne Cheuk.  The end result was beautiful, and the process used to make is is also amazing.

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Microsoft Studio Mouse

Central Planning managed the artwork production for a limited edition of Microsoft 3500 Studio mice.  We had a great time collaborating with 7 contributing artists – Fernando Chamarelli (Sao Paulo), Kirra Jamison (Melbourne), Matt More (Portland, ME), Linn Olofsdotter (Portland, OR), Mike Perry (New York), Kustaa Saksi (Amsterdam) and Jonny Wan (Sheffield, UK) –  stand by for more releases to come in the series!

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Custom Art

Want to launch an Artists Series of high end peripherals?  Need custom art for a limited edition skateboard deck?  Have a device gallery that needs stills or animation?  Would your office look rad with a few original pieces, like ONE of ONE editions by serious talent?  No problem…  Central Planning has been doing exactly that since it’s inception in 2007, working directly with Artists, Graphic Designers, Talent Collectives and their agents.  To date we’ve commissioned hundreds of pieces of electronic and physical art, and worked with the best talent on every inhabited continent (we’re still waiting for someone to set up shop in Antarctica).

We can get a project up and running in a matter of days, seal the deal with an artist via a wire in a matter of hours, and take the pain out of the process immediately.  No need for your accounting department to set up dozens of foreign vendors in multiple countries, assign an employee to track down the allusive guy who goes by a pseudonym, or fumble through an awkward cold call.  We can do it for you quickly and we’ve done it before, let us help.

Here are just a few of the people we’ve worked with to date:  Alex Trochut, Alvaro Artega, Andrew Pommier, Antti Uotila, Catalina Estrada, Daniel Jackson AKA Surface to Air, Derrick Hodgson, Deanne Cheuk, Emilio Kozak, Erik Otto, Fernando Chamarelli, Gary Fernadez, Geieve Gauckler, Giuli Sebastien AKA Rolitoland, Hanna Stouffer, Hort, Iain McArthur, Ippie Gyobu, James Marshall AKA Dalek Art, Jasper Goodall, Jeremy Ville, Jimmy Hollander AKA SKWAK, Joe Van Wetering, Jon Forss AKA Non Format, Jonny Wan, Junichi Tsuneoka, Justin Blyth, Kate Moross, Katrin Olina, Kenzo Minami, Kimou Meyer AKA Grotesk, Kirra Jamison, Klaus Haapaniemi, Kustaa Saksi, Laurent Fetis, Patswerk, Linn Olofsdotter, Lucas Cook AKA Parskid, Luke Ramsey, Grand People, Mario Hugo Gonzalez, Mark Grahm AKA I Love Dust, Mathieu Misiaen, Matt W. Moore AKA MWM, Maurizio Santucci, Maya Hayuk, Mayuko Fujino, Merdan Agaev AKA Merdanchik, Mehdi Hercberg AKA Shobo Shobo, Michael Perry, Tado, Motomichi Nakamura, Nobumasa Takahashi, Pierre Marie, Piotr Holub AKA Peha, Raymond Lemstra, Robin Nishio, Rubens LP, Sam Flores, Sanderson Bob, Serial Cut, Si Scott, Siggi Eggertson, Stephen Crowhurst, Svend Smital AKA eBoy, Vikki Wong AKA Meomi, Ville Savimaa, and William Chan AKA Phunk Studio

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Nike Basketball

Central Planning worked with Nike Basketball to develop and film a March Madness video campaign shown during the playoffs.

The video shows 8 athletes suiting up in their NCAA Basketball team uniforms, juxtaposed with 8 die-hard hoops fans applying their pre-game war paint; followed by 8 separate school specific iterations of the project.

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