About Us


Central Planning isn’t an Agency.  Central Planning isn’t a Production Company.  We’re different, think of us as General Contractors for the digital world.  We can help you develop a project in line with your available budget and time, generating cost estimates and work back schedules for everything from a single piece of custom artwork, to a 12 day shoot in 6 countries.  In other circumstances we function as agency producers, sending a project out to a series companies for treatments and competitive bids; and last but not least, we’re also extremely adept at acting as the production company of record for shoots and post production projects at any budget point – if that’s what’s best for the project.

Central Planning provides our clients with access to decades of production experience and best practices, without the strings traditionally associated with tapping that resource.  Our success doesn’t hinge on steering a project towards a method of production, or getting a client to work with a specific roster of directors, editors or graphic artists – our core business is bringing your project to life quickly and economically, with minimum drama – via the best talent and vendors available.

When we manage one of your projects you get the flexibility of in-house production with the professionalism, ease of process, and single invoice simplicity of an outside vendor.  Since we don’t channel jobs towards staff or individuals that we rep, we work with everyone and are continuously developing and fostering deep relationships with world class companies and freelance talent.

A well produced project never goes out of style or becomes passe as tastes evolve, and that’s what we do – produce and manage projects.  We are General Contractors for the digital age, organizing and curating a continuously evolving pool of vendors and creatives. Our business model is fundamentally different, we can help.