We keep busy and that’s how we like it.  Sometimes we’re busy with projects we can talk about- but more often than not, they are long term and highly confidential for our clients. Unfortunately this means that we can’t share what we’re working on as often as we’d like, especially when many of our timelines start at six months to a year out and some of our most interesting work may be under wraps forever.  This makes us sad…

    But, helping our clients unleash new products makes us happy.  Some notable projects we’ve worked on prior-to-release include Nike Plus, Zune HDNike Fuelband, Xbox One, and Microsoft Band. We’ve learned a lot over the years about how to best manage the intricacies, expectations, and challenges of these types of projects – and we continue to hone our craft and approach with every opportunity.

    Please explore our site and scroll though some of the posts below, which we’ll update as frequently as the lawyers allow.  By viewing some of the projects linked above, you can hopefully get a solid idea of what we might be working on now, who we are, and what we do.  Or give us a ring!  We’d love to chat and see if there’s something we can help you plan and accomplish.  Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Surface Book i7

    Improving the portable with the highest customer satisfaction rating of any Mobile PC is no easy task, but we jumped at the chance to be a part of the Surface Book refresh this summer! It was a privilege to work with such a talented pool of people during our shoot in SoCal, and we’re sure the Surface Book i7 will be a great addition to the Surface family.


  3. Microsoft Surface Studio

    The Surface Studio is AMAZING when you see it in person, it’s a ground breaking device that inspired a level of techno-lust rarely seen in or office…  and that made keeping quiet about our 5-day shoot in Los Angeles with it this summer VERY difficult! Now that it’s been unveiled to glowing reviews, we could’t be prouder of our part in shooting the photo library for the launch with Swanson Studio. Congrats Surface team!


  4. Signature Type Cover

    What do SpaceX’s Dragon One capsule, the Lamborghini Gallardo, and Microsoft’s Signature type cover have in common? They all incorporate super premium Alcantara ultra-suede. We were very excited to assist Microsoft with the launch of their signature type cover made from this amazing material by putting together a photo shoot in mid-February of this year, but we were even happier to see the images hit the net this month. Take a look at the great images captured by Marcus Swanson & Swanson studio here.


  5. Microsoft Band 2.0 Reveal

    The evolution of wearable technology has been exciting for Central Planning be a part of over the years- so we were psyched to be given the chance to tackle the creation of the photo-library for the 2.0 version of the Microsoft Band.  The 100+ images that came out of our shoot in the Bay Area are fantastic, and it’s been great to continue our collaboration with both the Microsoft Band team, and photographer Marcus Swanson.


  6. Surface Book and Surface 4 Launch

    The Surface 4 and Surface Book are incredible, versatile, gorgeous machines which blur the lines between tablet and laptop. They help bring ideas to life in ways that traditional laptops or tablets cannot. Our bi-coastal photoshoot took place in both Los Angeles and New York, documenting some truly amazing creators who are leveraging this technology to push their work to the next level.


  7. Hololens Photo-Library

    When we were kids, virtual reality technology seemed as though it was always just around the corner- but it never seemed to arrive!  That has finally changed with the introduction of Holographic Computing via the Microsoft Hololens.  The experience of utilizing this amazing piece of technology is truly magical, but it’s also difficult to convey via traditional still photography…  We had a great time solving that puzzle with Ten Gun Design and Photographer Anna Wolf-and we’re really proud of the image library that was created to help Microsoft explain and promote the device.


  8. Windows 10 Hero Desktop Image

    Late last year we were asked to help Microsoft with an exciting project described as “It’s the first thing a user sees when they boot up their Windows experience.  In fact it’s probably safe to say it’s the most iconic ‘screensaver’ in the history of the planet.” What they were referring to of course, was the new Windows 10 hero desktop image… a project to which we quickly said “YES!”

    As you can imagine the hero desktop image for Windows 10 wasn’t taken lightly, it’s much more than a simple wallpaper. This meant that the planning and infrastructure behind the project had to be seamless, every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed; and that is what Central Planning does best. We sweat the details and manage the process so creatives can do what they do best… create.

    Central Planning was involved from start to finish – handling everything from photographer and artist outreach, to negotiation and scheduling, and finally red tape, procurement, contracts, and payment fulfillment.

    Oh and by the way, it wasn’t just the hero image…. there are also those other stunning desktop photographs shot across 4 continents. Let’s just say we had quite a bit to do with them as well.  In the end we couldn’t be happier with the results, click here for a great mini-doc on the creation of the default image.



    For the 2nd time in as many years we’ve been lucky enough to work with the Microsoft product development team on a product launch, our 3rd for Microsoft and 5th overall! Beginning in the winter of 2013, we started the long process getting the Microsoft Band ready for it’s reveal to the public.

    Central Planning’s role included everything from assisting Microsoft with budgeting, logistics, and contracts; to agency-producing a 7 day secrecy-laden location shoot in the heart of San Francisco with Swanson Studio, generating over 130 lifestyle photos of the product to be used worldwide.

    We’re super excited to see the Microsoft Band get out into the world, and already looking forward to our next reveal!



    The development and design of the XBOX ONE was a massive project.  Every aspect of the new system was vetted, considered, refined and optimized -from the weight and feel of its physical elements, to the flow and usability of the user interface, as well as the remarkable technology it contains.  Central Planning had a chance to explore these full story, giving XBOX ONE afficianados a glimpse of how this amazing system was built.

    Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 12.33.22 PM


    Exploring the relationship between industrial design and user interface design in the Xbox One, this video and these computer generated renders showcase how the two design aspects came together to make the XBOX ONE system a cohesive whole.


    Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 11.50.04 AM


    We’ve been working hard since the fall on moving into our 5,000sf office/warehouse facility and launching our new sister company CENTRAL★RENTALS.  This expansion includes new trucks and a host of production supplies available for you to rent on your productions.  Please have a look and let us know how we can help you with your shoot!

    SnapOn        IMG_7409_1-640x427


  13. XBOX ONE In Stores!

    It’s great to finally be able to order an XBOX ONE, and much of the hush-hush work we’ve been involved with over the last 18 months is now rolling out!  This includes the new XBOX ONE broadcast end tags, XBOX console and accessory hardware renders, UI gamer-icons, and UI achievement-icons.  We’ll put together a full recap of the work next year, but at the moment we’re just looking forward to taking a break over the Holidays!  Can’t wait for our console to arrive…

    Gamerpic        Console



  14. Wiley X

    What better place than central Florida for a quick pre-Thanksgiving shoot!  We filmed two “Wiley X” Sunglasses spots in collaboration with Transport and Sasquatch that included aquatic jib-arms, high speed footage of a rifle shot, and a trained cinema-bass… yes, I just said trained cinema-bass.


  15. XBOX ONE

    If this blog has looked quiet lately, it’s because we’ve been busy! Since last year, wrapped in layer after layer of confidentiality agreements and secrecy; Central Planning has been helping Microsoft get ready for the launch of the XBOX ONE. And now, nine months later – after coordinating with animators, designers, agencies and vendors on 3 continents, 4 Countries and 9 cities, we’re finally able to say it publicly.

    While much of the work we’ve been doing is still under embargo, we’ll be able to begin posting choice snippets soon. This has been a great project to be a part of, and we know what’s going to be at the top of our xmas lists this holiday season!


  16. More Nice Mice

    We think Microsoft Hardware’s commitment to bringing style to your desktop is pretty great, and we’re even happier that they let us be a part of the process.  This latest refresh allowed us to work with Calvin HO, Yellena James, Matt Lyon, Dana McClure and Zansky.


  17. Netflix Brazil

    With a population of almost 200 million people, Brazil is a huge opportunity for Netflix.
    To help them crack this market, Central Planning recently travelled to Sao Paulo.


  18. 2014 World Cup? 2016 Olympics?

    The picture says it all… we have 10 year Brazilian Work Visas.  After our recent Netflix project we are experienced, excited, connected and ready to return to Brazil.  With the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics on the horizon, we hope to do just that.  If you have a project in the works for either of these two mega events, we are confident that we can get it off the ground quickly and executed properly.  Let us know.


  19. Launch: Beyond Waste

    LAUNCH: Beyond Waste is the 4th initiative in a series of forums designed to identify, showcase and support innovative approaches to sustainability challenges.

    During this forum, nine international participants showcased their new innovations to address waste management problems.

    Check out the overview videos that we created.


  20. Caipirinhas Anyone?

    Not sure which is better, Samba or Bossa Nova but we’ll soon find out!  Central Planning is leaving for Brazil on August 1st for a shoot in Sao Paulo.  Stay tuned for info on the client, right now it’s all hush, hush…


  21. Nike Air Alliance

    It’s not every day that we’re asked to create an animated team of Superheroes from thin air.  So, when our friends at Peet Kegler called for an elite lineup of Nike athletes to defend the world from evil-doer Dr. Deflation, we assembled an ass-kicking super team of our own.

    Helmed by director Manny Bernardez, and featuring illustrations from the 123Klan and music from the legendary RJD2, this campaign includes a :30 second broadcast tv spot as well as a short film for Footlocker’s website. Enjoy.


  22. Nike Fuel Band

    The Nike Fuel band is an amazing and intuitive piece of technology, however what’s going on inside isn’t quite as simple.  Nike approached us in November to create a mini documentary and explain the process behind it’s development, as well as to delve into what’s actually going on underneath that matte black surface.


  23. Pillsbury

    Done in conjunction with the Campbell Mithun out of Minneapolis, these info-graphic pieces answer the age old question of… “What’s there to eat?”.  Answer, good old American style breakfast sandwiches!


  24. Box Tops for Education

    Want to help your kid’s school?  Let us show you how with Box Tops!  This series of regional spots done for Campbell Mithun shows parents how to help their children’s schools by purchasing items they already use.


  25. Sony F3 Added to Our Gear

    After much deliberation, we added a Sony F3 Camera with RGB 444 firmware, an uncompressed recorder, and several PL mount lenses to our equipment room… We’ve been super happy with the image quality, but it gets heavy pretty quick when you start hanging gear on it!


  26. Post Facility Upgrades

    After weighing our options and with an eye toward the future, Central Planning has added MEDIA COMPOSER 6 and RESOLVE 8 licenses to our post production arsenal.  This means that our two rooms now have Avid MC6 Final Cut 7, FCPX, Premier Pro 5.5, Resolve 8.1.1 and Apple Color 1.5.3 all simultaneously available.  Also, since projects aren’t getting any smaller… we added an additional 48 terabytes of RAID storage to the facility, bringing our high speed online storage total to 66 live terabytes.  And last but not least on the archiving front, we also upgraded our network LTO to a Cache-A Pro-Cache 5.  Hit us up if you have questions!


  27. Launch Energy

    Central Planning returned to Florida for NASA’s 3rd Launch Forum, this time focusing on the challenges of providing Energy to our growing world.  It was amazing to spend time with some of the world’s best minds working on one of the biggest problems facing our planet, take a moment to check out their innovations at Launch.org or on our WORK PAGE.


  28. John Wall Breakout

    Working with Director James Blagden (of Doc Ellis Fame) we were able to film John Wall in DC during the NBA lock out.  In the end we were surprised, pleased, and tripped out by our collaboration… Enjoy!


  29. Back 4 The Future

    Earlier this month we teamed up with Portland Agency PeetKegler to help Nike PR flesh out the launch of the Nike Mag with 6 videos released to support the eBay auctions of these legendary shoes.  The project helped to generate millions of dollars for the Michael J. Fox foundation, but you know what the coolest part was?  Getting to photograph the original Air Mag’s from 1988 and seeing the inside of the production facility!


  30. Nokia N9 Wallpapers

    In January of this year Central Planning paired up with Nokia to commission a set of 15 original works of art for the (at the time) forthcoming and MUCH anticipated N9 handset.  We think they turned out great if we do say so ourselves!  We’ll keep adding more images of the art as it is released.


  31. Microsoft Touch Mouse

    We had the good fortune to team up with our friends over at Microsoft Hardware again to commission an artist edition of their high end Touch Mouse from New York designer Deanne Cheuk.  The end result was beautiful, and the process used to make is is also amazing.  Click on the image below to see a brief video Microsoft produced internally that shows the laser etching in action.


  32. The NBA Lockout Hasn’t Stopped This…

    We recently linked up with director and creative genius James Blagden and a certain former #1 draft pick for a project that should be dropping in this fall. We’re sure we’ll be surprised, pleased, and tripped out by the end result.  Stay tuned.


  33. More Science Films!

    In the continuing quest to explain the myriad of features HP packs into their notebooks, our friends at Transport asked us to create a science lab right out of 1965.  Take a peek and see if you can find the homage to Spinal Tap!


  34. Rainbows and Waterfalls Run Through our Minds

    In collaboration with NYC agency Doubleday & Cartwright and illustrators Part & Parcel, Central Planning created the first episode of “Tales from The Kitchen”, a Nike web-series designed to educate consumers about new innovations.

    The challenge with this project was to explain the HYPERFUSE technology in a way that was entertaining in addition to educational.

    Doubleday & Cartwright figured “what better way to do that than with a CARTOON!”  With the aid of some great animators, and a little musical assistance from Henry Mancini and Shuggie Otis, we agree. Be on the lookout for more episodes!


  35. Microsoft 3500 Studio Mouse – Artist Series

    On May 12 Microsoft unveiled their Studio 3500 Artists Series mice, allowing us to finally talk about the project! We managed the artwork production and had a great time collaborating with 7 contributing artists – Fernando Chamarelli (Sao Paulo), Kirra Jamison (Melbourne), Matt More (Portland, ME), Linn Olofsdotter (Portland, OR), Mike Perry (New York), Kustaa Saksi (Amsterdam) and Jonny Wan (Sheffield, UK).  Check out the artwork and final images on our WORK page.


  36. Cool Like the Breeze When it’s 95 Degrees

    This is what you get when you put Chris Bosh, Ken Griffey, DeShawn Jackson and Amare Stoudemire on a huge greenscreen stage in Miami – then add music from the Cool Kids and original artwork from Grotesk.  With over 2.6 million hits, we truly believe “Get Fresh Air” qualifies as ‘viral’!  Take a look at the piece on our work page or check out the latest hit count on youTube.


  37. Site Updates…

    We admit it, updating our site isn’t always the first thing on our minds when we’re busy. But we do get around to it eventually… Enjoy :)

  38. What do you Get When?

    What happens when you put Chris Bosh, Ken Griffey, DeShawn Jackson and Amare Stoudemire on a huge greenscreen stage in Miami – then add music from the Cool Kids and original artwork from Grotesk? Something good. We’re finishing this project up over the next few weeks so check back soon!


  39. Secret Project, SHHHHH!

    You know that big European manufacturer of consumer electronics?  The one from that country that has a common border with Russia? Yeah, I think you know who I mean. Well we teamed up with them to do some really cool stuff but, we can’t talk about it yet. Stand by for an update this fall.


  40. HP How To

    Remember science class?  Remember 16mm film projectors? Remember acting so bad it was fun to watch?  Take a peek at what HP has in store for the future though the lens of 3 great retro 60’s educational films we did with our friends at Transport on our WORK PAGE.


  41. HP Beats Audio

    Central Planning teamed up once again with Portland agency Transport to film a promotional web video for HP and Beats Audio – In their infinite wisdom, Transport felt that the best course of action for filming the scripts’ party scene would be to throw an actual party… sweet!  Check out the finished piece on our WORK PAGE.


  42. Lights? Yeah, Santa Brought a Few Lights…

    Christmas came early and Santa dropped off two Arri 1k open face lamps and two Arri 650w fresnels, along with a Chimera softbox.  When you pair these hard sources up with our four KinoFlo soft bank fluorescents and our basic grip and flag package, we’re able to handle most small budget shoots with gear on hand, allowing us to keep costs down for our end clients.  Check out our updated gear list, all available for rent.

  43. NASA & Launch.org

    In late October Central Planning joined forces with NASA for the 2nd time to provide keynote and innovator videos for their twice yearly LAUNCH forum, this time focusing on the challenges of Health.  Once again, Todd got to deploy the Erroll Morris ‘Interrotron’ interviewing technique, check it out at Launch.org or on our WORK PAGE.


  44. We Added the Honeymoon Suite

    If you’ve never visited our stylish corporate headquarters, you might not realize that Central Planning’s office building was once an Econo Lodge Motel… and we’ve just added the crown jewel of the property, Room 106.  The former “Honeymoon” suite with it’s double size footprint, four work stations, printer, fax, and phone – it’s the prefect command center for a shoot and also large enough for camera prep and casting.

  45. Intel & Meego

    Working in conjunction with Iron Horse interactive, Central Planning produced, shot and edited a promotional piece for the MeeGo mobile platform.  Check out the original rap track!


  46. New Website!

    We’ve just launched a redesign of our website, hope you like it!